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Through Construleads and BR Analitycs, we have achieved knowing our clients’ needs more deeply, creating the necessary knowledge for the development of business proposals that will increase our participation in the sector, generating more contributions to our organization.

Adolfo Gutiérrez Álvarez
Building & Infraestructure

Active cost is a very useful tool when generating parametric budgets for a fast evaluation of multisite commercial construction projects, as well as for vertical building construction.

Ing. Benjamín Rubio Ursua
Costs, Budget and Construction Control Manager
Grupo DMX

Having information that allows us to generate timely recommendations is one of the main functions of the Market Intelligence area; thanks to Construleads we have been able to identify important hotel projects that would mean a great business opportunity for the continuous growth of our brands.

Omar Armas
Market Intelligence Manager
Grupo Posadas

As a company, we think Activecost has been very useful in order to keep updated on budgets for our real estate maintenance, along with our clients and contractors.

Juan Velázquez Moreno
Maintenance Headquarters
Inmobiliaria Quetzal

For General Cable of Mexico, where efficiency is one of the most relevant KPIs, having Construleads as an ally has helped us improve our performance as business “hunters.” Counting on data that is reliable, accurate and with national scope has helped us focus on what’s really important: creating success. Generating information on the construction industry is what CONSTRULEADS business is all about. We are most sincerely thankful for the support.

Miriam Pacheco
Marketing Manager
General Cable de México

During pressure times, when timing is everything in order to give precise results, Activecost through its “Valuator” and “Universe” products, have allowed our civil engineering and architectural area at the PGR, the possibility to fulfill in due course with the responsibilities of their duties.

Ing. Arq. Carlos Monterrubio Mata
Deputy Director of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Procuraduría General de la República (PGR)

CONSTRULEADS Information access has allowed us to get closer to our clients, leading us to projects where we detect better business opportunities, teaming up for mutual benefit and giving more value to our commercial relationship.

Ruben Reyes Torres
Adhesive Line Manager

Nowadays, time and efficiency are holding hands and CFE knows and understands it, and that is why tools such as the Activecost database are a great collaborator in our daily job.

Fernando González
Jefe de Departamento Divisional de Proyectos y Construcción

Construleads has become an important bridge towards our current and future clients, allowing closeness in time to future projects, such as the ones about to be built; it is a valuable tool for our growth as a construction industry supplier.

Arq. Luis G. García Reyna
Engineering and Technical Advisory
Panel Rey

Bimsa Reports has helped us give place to our national level Technical Managers with specific works that have positive impact on the business and facilitate the creation of strategies.

Lic. Uriel Méndez del Valle
Commercial Intelligence and Marketing

For Cementos y Concretos Montezuma, efficient and fast information given by data from Construleads at Bimsa Reports has given us more value on market information, developing constructions and contact information in order to create timely negotiation with different clients, as well as a successful operation and contribution of new clients to the business.

Ricardo Bravo Valero
Marketing Responsible
Concretos Moctezuma

In our professional activity, Activecost has been a fundamental tool in the real estate valuation process both in Mexico and international level, as through software malleability one can make estimates that are very close to the context and real situations. Likewise, it becomes into the most adequate support for auditing processes and fulfillment of valuation standards at global level.

M.V. Ing. Samuel Campos
Transaction Advisory Services - Capital Equipment
Mancera - EY México

Bimsa Reports
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