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Do you know what the current construction projects are?

We offer all the information there is on present and future construction projects at national level. Construleads has detailed data on the type of development and its dimensions, investment amounts, growth of construction sites and main market players so that you can make an effective research for clients.

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Do you keep on top of material costs and unit prices for construction?

We provide you with the most current and comprehensive data on unitary prices behavior and material costs used in civil and architectural developments in Mexico. Thus, you can optimize and finalize your project in a profitable and successful manner, while backing it up with permanent consulting from our expert team.

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Why should you be a Bimsa Reports business partner?

We provide you with detailed information on the construction industry that you will not find anywhere else.
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Get solutions based on 56 years of knowing the Industry

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Get access to high value information to seize business opportunities.

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Support / Backing

You are never on your own, we provide you with permanent technical support and post-sale service.

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Get advice from our expert team in order to make effective decisions.

Do you need consulting specialized in the construction industry?

Through BR Analytics we offer you solutions to improve your commercial team’s market intelligence.
By means of three services
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BR Maps

Mapping of all constructions published in Construleads.

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BR Statistics

Analytics of the construction industry behavior.

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BR Projection

Construleads’ relevant constructions reports focused on estimated materials and their consumption projection throughout time.


Te ayudará a dimensionar el comportamiento de las obras reportadas por Bimsa Reports desde las diferentes variables de tu interés desde una plataforma dinámica y fácil de usar.

Con BR Analytics lograrás:

Mejorar la inteligencia y estrategia comercial de tu negocio

Optimizar la operación táctica de tu equipo comercial.

Visualizar las oportunidades de negocio para tu empresa de manera muy clara y precisa

BR Analytics te permitirá contar con 3 áreas de información integrada que consisten en:

• Ubicación geográfica de todas las obras con determinación de género, subgénero y tipos de obra para que determines de mejor manera la gestión geográfica de tu equipo comercial
• Explosión de potencialidad de materiales a consumir de tu interés por obra
• Analíticos de comportamiento de la industria sobre las obras reportadas en términos históricos, actuales y por ejecutar

Todas las áreas de información integrada que tienes en BR Analytics pero totalmente customizada a las reglas de negocio de tu empresa con el nivel de detalles de interés

  • • Fases óptimas de negocio.
  • • Zonas geográficas comerciales.
  • • Verticales de negocio.
  • • Explosión de materiales en las familias y subfamilias que requieras

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