Cancellations and Returns


Reviewing the sales that have been made through the Bimsa Reports (Web) page, the page shows the products and their specific description, there is no record of having had sales cancellations made under this modality.

The sales made through the Bimsa page are charged 100%, after the product (s) is released, these can be physical or the sending of keys.




When the customer requests to cancel the purchased product, they must contact customer service, it can be by phone, email or chat (previously).

You must provide the invoice number, which will guarantee the delivered product and the amount of the payment made.




The client must fill in the following information:


Administration and Finance reviews that the return is appropriate. If there was physical delivery of material, it is required that the client return it to authorize the return of the payment. Treasury schedules the payment for the Thursday following the date that Administration and Finance has released the payment.

Bimsa Reports
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