Bimsa Reports es una empresa del grupo OdelaRoquette con más de 50 años de existencia en México, que sustentan su experiencia en la investigación especializada de información para la industria de la construcción.

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We are a reliable, complete and timely model for our commercial partners. Through the data we provide them with, they achieve new and better businesses in a dynamic, complex and highly competitive industry.
Our leaders
César Ortega de la Roquette
Grupo OdelaRoquette
José Antonio González Zúñiga

Business units

Bimsa Reports has 3 business lines in order to offer you a comprehensive consulting on the construction industry and its behavior. Construleads concentrates information on constructions and new building projects, Activecost provides information on unitary prices and material costs, and BR Analytics is our new market intelligence modular tool.

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We provide you with detailed information on the construction industry that you will not find anywhere else
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Get solutions based on 56 years of knowing the Industry

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Get access to high value information to seize business opportunities

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You are never on your own, we provide you with permanent technical support and post-sale service.

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Get advice from our expert team in order to make effective decisions

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Specialized operations for market research and public perception.

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Bimsa Reports
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Torre Privanza
Melchor Ocampo No. 193, Piso 15,
Col. Verónica Anzures, Del. Miguel Hidalgo,
Ciudad de México, C.P. 11300

Telephone numbers
(01 55) 25 81 21 60
01 800 00 BIMSA


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